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Deer hunting is a challenging outdoors sport. Climbing tree stands allow you to carry your tree stand with you to whatever hunting spot you feel is going to be best for your hunt.ultimate-viper

Here’s a selection of the best climbing tree stands available. If you’re new to hunting and you still aren’t sure what makes a climbing tree stand different, when you should use one, or how to stay safe in a tree stand, there’s plenty of information here about that too.

Popular Climbing Stands

Favorite climbing tree stands include the Ol Man Grand Vision and Summit Treestands. These stands are high quality climbing tree stands that are easy to carry, are portable, and are easy to set up in your tree of choice. Hunting from these tree stands is a good way to stay out of the line of site of your prey. Climbing tree stands are different than other tree stands, because you don’t need steps and ladders to get into the tree. The stand is your climbing apparatus and there are several different ways they work, but in general you have the sit-and-stand climbers and arms only climbers. Follow the link for more about climbing tree stands.

Summit Tree Stands

Summit Treestands make quality climbing tree stands. Since safety and reliability are important in a hunting tree stand, you don’t want to consider price over quality. Summit tree stands are a quality investment, but at an affordable price.

API Treestands

API treestands make high quality, high value aluminum climbing treestands. API treestands are perfect for hunting whitetail deer, elk, moose, and mule deer. Since API treestands put safety first, when designing stands to bring you safe and comfortable treestands.

Gorilla Treestands

Right now there are two popular Gorilla treestands that are climbing treestands, the Greyback Climber and the Greyback Stealth HX Climber. Both of these climbing tree stands have the features that make Gorilla treestands so popular with hunters.

Ol’Man Treestands

Ol’Man Outdoors has plans for improved Ol’Man treestands for 2010. The Ol’Man climbing stands offer excellent value for a premium tree stand and have quality customer service. The Ol Man Grand Vision is a great portable hunting deer stand. This climber is easy to carry, easy to set up, and won’t empty your wallet. It has a shooting bar for gun hunters to help steady the shot. The top section can also be turned over, converting the shooting bar into a foot rest and making it easy to shoot a bow 180 degrees.

Lone Wolf Treestands

Lone Wolf’s climbing tree stands are built with a patented cast aluminum platform and this means there are no echoes from hollow tubing, no metal on metal grates and squeaks, no pops, and no unexplained noises to scare the deer away. Hunting from a Lone Wolf climbing stand means you have a better chance of staying hidden long enough to get your shot off without spooking the deer.

Ameristep Tree Stands

Ameristep’s Non-Typical and GRIZZLY Tree Stands “combine the latest in innovation and design” while keeping the cost of Ameristep tree stands affordable. You don’t have to worry about your tree stand when you’re hunting from an Ameristep climbing tree stand, because Ameristep treestands are certified to TMA Standards by an independent testing laboratory.

Climbing Tree Stand Tips & Tricks

On most portable climbing tree stands, you can change out the pins for keyed locks. This will keep you safe (no pin to come loose) and keep your stand secure if you’re leaving it behind for your next hunt. Pins do get loose, and they can come out, especially if you get complacent about checking them every time you get in your stand.

Tree Stand Safety Vests and Harnesses

Using a tree stand safety vest and harness is the smartest move you can make when you hunt from a climbing tree stand. As someone who nearly lost a loved-one to a tree stand fall a few years ago, I know how important it is to always wear a safety harness. Blind luck prevented my family member’s death and I will never forget the call for help I received from his wife asking me to help get him off the four-wheeler she had managed to get him onto after he had literally dragged himself for hours over heavily wooded, hilly terrain until he was close enough for her to hear him yelling for help. This incident changed several of our friend’s attitudes about hunting safety, and it certainly forever changed mine.

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